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For bottled wines we use grapes from older vineyards where the growth of the vine is not so exuberant anymore and the grapes are more evenly spread. Wines made from these grapes, which are the product of many years of hard-work and investments, are thus so much more precious.

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We would be glad to receive you at our homestead and show you our wine cellar. Beside good wine we will also offer you some of our local food. We look forward to you visit, of course with the previous announcement, for groups up to 10 people.


Young, fresh, fruity and light – that would be a quick description of this wine. It has a low level of alcohol and extracts. It is genuine and drinkable. The wine is of green and yellow colour. The scent is reminiscent of lemon, lime, yellow flowers and fresh tropical fruit. This scent continues and enhances with a vivacious freshness in the mouth. It pairs nicely with summer dishes such as fish, fish carpaccio, vegetebale risoto, sweet cheese, dumplings with cream, vegetable "frtalja" (egg omelette with herbs).

It is a wine that impresses with its scent which is reminiscent of the blossoms of elder, fresh apricots, muscat, peaches and tropical fruits. In the mouth we can taste the minerals and freshness which is long lasting. It complements nicely dishes with richer a flavour.
Sauvignon vert

Sauvignon Vert is a wine of straw yellow colour with green shades. Despite its youthfulness, the scent is very complex. It has a fragrance of citrus fruits, dried fruit and elder flowers. The intensive taste is very mineral and well balanced. This wine is elegant, gentle, full-bodied and with a long lasting after-taste.
Pinot gris

White, dry wine of yellow colour with a light gold and yellow shade. Its soft, rich fragrance and corporality give it an intensive and pleasant character.
Pinot blanc

It began to exist as a lighter variation of Pinot Gris. It is very drinkable, rich with alcohol, low acidity and unobtrusive bouquet. It is an elegant wine, suitable for the production of sparkling wines. It is of a straw-yellow colour with green shades. It has a velvety taste. The bouquet is gentle, with fruit and floral components, which give the wine a distinctive fragrance.

Rich, vivacious, full-bodied wine. The fragrance is reminiscent of blossoming acacia and flavour of apples. In the phase of higher maturity it develops the fragrance of vanilla, honey and nut.

It is a wine of light ruby red colour. The scent is fruity and reminiscent of plums – fresh, dried and as a jam. It is a very drinkable wine, which itself already calls for another glass. Tannins are already sweetened and the freshness is enticing. It pairs nicely with various venison dishes, pork tenderloin with dried plums,…

It is a wine of ruby red colour. Its fragrance is reminiscent of fruits like currant and raspberry. It pairs nicely with meat dishes or spicy cheese. It is served at a temperature of 16-18°C.